“It’s a very good eczema cream compared to everything I’ve used before. To get results it’s very important to be persistent and use it every day as directed.”

“Hope’s Relief has proved exceptionally good her baby eczema has calmed right down.”

“Hope’s Relief is the best cream I have found for reducing the redness of my kids’ eczema. Works as well as steroid cream and suitable for everyday use. “

“After one application the itch went and after daily applications over four days the rough skin and scabs disappeared and within a week my legs looked very much better with only a couple of dark patches where the worst areas had been.”

“Very effective for patches of dry skin. This is heavy duty stuff which really works.”

“Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream helped to ease her itchy skin and she is much better now.”

“Our daughter has baby eczema and it started as little red bumps on her torso that turned into huge peeling red patches. I used Hopes Relief and her torso is clear! “

“I knew that Hope’s Relief was different right away. My skin instantly felt moisturised in a natural way and like things were feeling wonderful and healing up.”

“My daughter’s skin is now amazing she had a staph infection at the time and it all went as well … thank you so much Hope’s Relief.”

“After 5 days I could see dead skin coming off her chin, no more cracked skin chin but smooth chin. This cream is amazing.”

“I have had mild rosacea for years, I started using hopes relief cream around the nose area and the redness has reduced dramatically. I put it on at night after cleansing with the Hopes Relief Cleansing Bar.”

“I’ve suffered with eczema over the years, and have tried countless remedies from steroid based creams to off the shelf potions and organic products. Hopes Relief Cream actually works! “

“It would be good if docs prescribed Hope’s Relief before steroid creams. It works!”

“I am greatly appreciative of what you have done in order to help with my son’s eczema. You truly understood the stress that a Mother was going through. “

“This actually works! After one week, the inflammation and itch has subsided and my skin is visibly healthier.”

“I use Hopes Relief Shampoo and Conditioner, it took about a week or two for full results, no more itchy scalp!”

“It really works, safe for babies, natural alternative to steroids!”

“Really happy with Hope’s Relief Shampoo. Softens hair and scalp not sore. It is great that is I can use it and know it is going to work each time without harsh chemicals.”

“I have eczema and use the product quite often for itch relief. It’s such a good cream. Helps relieve itch associated with all rashes. Helps skin when it flares up.”

“I would absolutely repurchase this cream in the future and recommend it to anyone who hadn’t found their Holy Grail problem skin cream.”

“A chemist recommended Hope’s Relief Cream one day when my script had run out and I’ve never looked back. It calms red and stinging skin.”

“Hope’s Relief is the best of the natural brands we’ve tried to relieve psoriasis. Regular application over affected areas has resulted in psoriasis that is less inflamed.”

“I have tried many different shampoos and remedies over the years which have been specially formulated for psoriasis but Hope’s Relief Shampoo actually worked infinitely better. “

“I am in shock. Today I tried your shampoo and after one application I have noticed the improvement. “

“I love your product. It cleared my eczema flare up (which I had for a few years) in just a couple of months!”

“Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream is really effective helping relieve scratching at night (I suffer from atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema). “

“I have been struggling with particularly bad eczema around my eyes for about 3 months, and I just want to say Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream works wonders. Thank you for creating a product that truly works to heal the eczema, not just moisturise the skin.”

” The results have been excellent. Itching and scratching have all but disappeared, and her red scaly skin has all but disappeared.

“In winter, I get really red, dry and flaky on my chin, nasio-labial folds and my nose, dermatitis symptoms. Not anymore! I started using Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream and am stoked with the results.”

“I am amazed at the change in the condition and appearance of my dry flaky skin after using Hope’s Relief Mosturising Lotion for such a short amount of time. “

“After just ONE DAY of applying Hope’s Relief Cream, I had my first full night of sleep in six months with no itching to wake me up. “

“I recommend this product to everyone all the time. “

“I’m a 52 year old male who used to have dry itching skin all the time. I swim everyday and Hope’s Relief Moisturising Lotion is still in my skin after 1.5 kms in the pool.”

“Having endured an itchy scalp for more than two years, I was delighted to discover Hope’s Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. It relieved the itch almost immediately and saved my sanity.”

“Within days of using Hope’s Relief Shampoo and Conditioner I had relief from my itchy flaky scalp.”

“It is great to find such a gentle and nourishing shampoo and conditioner that actually makes my hair soft & not like straw! “

“I am so happy as using the combination of Eczema Cream and Soap Free Cleansing Bar my skin has improved even more.”

“I have been using your Soap Free Cleansing Bar for the last few months and the change in my skin is incredible.”

“I had very itchy skin during the last trimester of my pregnancy and post delivery until I started using your moisturising lotion.”

“My daughter’s skin has really improved a lot using Hope’s Relief Eczema Cream. Each time she feels something itchy on her skin, she would say “purple cream, mum”.”